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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Episode 46: Rapid Fire

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Pete and Brent Try Out Some New One Minute Segments For The Show.

Show Notes:
-Sign Up For The Twin Cities Tank T-Shirt Giveaway: twincitiestank@gmail.com
-When My Parents Die
-What Drugs Would I Have To Be On?
-Things I Say Differently Around Black People
-Perfect Boy Band
-The Virginity Time Machine
-Bad Advice
-Wayne Gretzky's Christmas Dinner
"Victory Over Horseshit" by Scissorfight
-Old West Prostitute
-Who's In Hell?
-Wackiest Jizz Load
-The Thing You Hate Most About Being Naked
-Human Petting Zoo
-Almost Food
"Gotta Boogie" by Weird Al Yankovic
-Alternate Names For America
-Ray Romano's Grocery Shopping List

Recorded 12/9/10 - Released 12/16/10


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