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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Episode 21: Shannon Selberg from The Cows and The Heroine Sheiks

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Shannon Selberg, from legendary Minneapolis bands The Cows and The Heroine Sheiks, comes onto Twin Cities Tank to show you how it's done.
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"Hitting The Wall" by The Cows.
"Finished Again" by The Cows.
"Mas -No Mas" by The Cows.
"My Boss" by The Heroine Sheiks.

Recorded 6/18/10 - Released 6/24/10


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Episode 20: Fixed Gear Hockey

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5 Phrases.
Brent Gets Blackout Drunk.
Pet Peeves.
"Knowing Is Half The Battle..." by We Must Dismantle All This.
Sports: The Blackhawks Win The Stanley Cup.
Hot Shit Brent's Two Hairy Cents.
"Pony" by Far.
Where Did We Get Our Sense of Humor?
Dirty Drawing

5 Phrases

Each person writes 5 phrases that the other host must work into the conversation. Here are this week's phrases:

Pete's List For Brent
1) I wish we were all dead like my hopes and dreams.
2) I've constructed a marble statue of the likeness of my favorite pizza.
3) If I go rub one out are you going to get angry?
4) ...And that man's name was... Pasta Paul.
5) What is it going to take for you to kill me right now?

Brent's List For Pete
1) You got 5 seconds to find my diabetes medicine.
2) I ate out a volcano.
3) A priest carjacked my wife.
4) I get diarrhea just thinking about jetskis.
5) Why marry the wolf when you can fuck the hot tub for free?

Recorded 6/11/10 - Released 6/17/10


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Episode 19: Drew Ailes

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Big Daddy Drew Ailes comes on the show to teach us about metal and cults.
"No More" by The Korat Grey Band.
Burger King Ribs.
"Opposites Attract" by Paula Abdul.
Drew goes to a cult meeting.
Drew's Band Teenage Impotents needs a place to play.

Recorded on 6/3/10 - Released 6/10/10


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Episode 18: Metallagher!

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The gentlemen of Metallagher pop by the podcast to tell their deep dark secrets.
"Minneapolis Is Burning" by Torch The Spires.
LOST: The Final Episode.
"Blindfolded and Kneeling" by Like Trees.
"A Black Hole Straight To Hell" by Debbie Does Malice.
Brent's Dad Goes On A Date.

Recorded 5/27/10 - Released 6/3/10