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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Episode 28: Quest For Mayhem

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Pete and Brent create psychic sculptures while playing some early 2000's Twin Cities metal.
5 Phrases
Road Construction
"Lost Cause" by Black Flood Diesel
"Don't Hope To Try" by Muffler Chump
TCOBS: Waterslides
"Escape Plan" by Skywynd
Week Late News:
-Lada Gaga's Creative Vagina
-Prop 8 Passed
-John Goodman's Non-Creative Fat
-Kanye West's Twitter

5 Phrases
Each person writes 5 phrases that the other host must work into the conversation. Here are this week's phrases:

Pete's List For Brent
1) Thanks, ya fuckin' truck licker.
2) I keep my garlic in a birdcage.
3) I drowned a dog in a bathtub filled with after-birth.
4) All I ever think about is my dentist sloshing around in the mountains.
5) I video taped my last haircut.

Brent's List For Pete
1) I don't pay your tits to think.
2) There's garbage in my wallet.
3) Anyone seen my battlebot?
4) What do you care if I ate a horse?
5) Get your mustache out of my wife.

Recorded 8/5/10 - Released 8/12/10


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