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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Episode 3: Dan T! Dan T!

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5 Phrases.
Don't Cross The Porn Line.
"Beats Like You Stole Something" by The Plastic Constellations.
This Week In Bullshit: Winter Parking.
"Dancehall Racket" by A Life Without.
Captain Phil From Deadliest Catch died.
"Mosh For Jesus" by Dillinger Four.
Olympic Luge Death.
"Polkarama!" by Weird Al Yankovic.
Sports: NJ Nets Update

5 Phrases
Every week each person will write 5 phrases that the other host must work into the conversation. Here are this week's phrases:

Pete's List For Brent
1) Famous Dave's Mouth Wash.
2) My pussy is getting hard just thinking about it.
3) 27 teeth. 24 teeth.
4) My pants are made of garbage.
5) Suck my pants dry.

Brent's List For Dan
1) Try my new pumpernickel fish helmet.
2) I feel like Ernest Borgnine's step daughter.
3) The window ate my cape.
4) I think I locked my keys in my boat.
5) Don't trust farms.

Dan's List For Pete
1) We're only doing this to make money someday.
2) All of these song titles are one word.
3) Everything is the worst, ever.
4) I eat Taco Bell secretly in my car.
5) Don't just stare at it, eat it!

Recorded 2/12/10 - Released 2/21/10


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